About Me

My name is Shane, I am a Dad to a beautiful young lady named Ashley and a Husband to my beautiful wife Teresa. I am a Christian guy who just has found this to be something that I am very passionate about.  I work Full Time currently as a Paramedic.

My Story

You may think that I have always been into health and fitness right? Actually I have NEVER been into health and fitness until a few years ago.  In July of 2012 my wife became very ill and nearly passed away. I was facing being a single dad with a 12 year old daughter at the time. My wife eventually got better and had to go through a lot of rehab to get better.  I found that my family needed me more now than ever, so I decided to do P90X at home and lost 27lbs with that program, today I have lost 35 lbs and have completed several of Team Beachbody programs since. I am 41 years old and in the best shape of my life now! I become a Team Beachbody coach in July of 2013, we help busy people from who just don’t have a lot of time from their home with health, nutritional and motivation and support.

Please Check out my Video that shows my story and transformation.